Opensource projects

This is the home of Seznam's contributions to the open source community


FastRPC is a XML-RPC based protocol that uses binary data serialization format. Includes C++ and Python implementations and a console client.


SHAllocator is a C++ library that implements an STL allocator in SYSV shared memory.


TEng is a general purpose templating engine for C++ and Python. Especially useful for C++ apps that need to render dynamic HTML content.


JAK is a compact and simple object-oriented JavaScript framework that provides a simple solution to the most common and tedious tasks when working with HTML, DOM and AJAX.


A set of wrappers that bring Seznam's CAPTCHA API to your web apps.


Euphoria is an open source Java API for creating unified big-data processing flows. It provides an engine independent programming model which can express both batch and stream transformations.

Sklik API

Client library for the API exposed by Seznam's Sklik PPC advertising system.


The IMA.js is a application development stack for developing isomorphic applications written in pure JavaScript.