A set of wrappers that bring Seznam's CAPTCHA API to your web apps.


Multiple protocols

Seznam's CAPTCHA supports HTTP, XML-RPC and FastRPC API

Audio support

Supports audio CAPTCHA for vision impaired users

Python and PHP

Wrappers are available for Python and PHP


CAPTCHA is a mechanism that helps protecting web forms from various malicious attacks of web robots. provides its CAPTCHA service for public use through an open API. The service provides HTTP/HTTPS, XML-RPC and FastRPC interfaces.

The interfaces are available at following URLs:

The usage limits are set to maximum 200 request in 60 seconds.

The CAPTCHA server provides also Audio Captcha functionality (letters and numbers that the browser will play) for all symbols that may appear in the CAPTCHA image. This function helps you make your web pages accessible for vision impaired users.

We provide modules for Python and PHP that wrap the API and make it super easy to use Seznam's CAPTCHA in your web apps.