JAK is a compact and simple object-oriented JavaScript framework that provides a simple solution to the most common and tedious tasks when working with HTML, DOM and AJAX.


Detection & Events

JAK provides funtions to detect the client and environment. The library also offers easy-to-use tools to work with events


JAK simplifies the most common tasks when working with DOM and HTML


JAK makes it easy to work with XMLHTTPREQUEST


JAK was created to satisfy the need to standartize and streamline JavaScript application development. It provides tools that address frequently recurring types of needs. JAK has been written with respect to the following principles:

JAK solves:

In addition to that JAK provides advaced OOP tools:

JAK is completely documented using the JSDoc Toolkit.

JAK has been derived from the Mapy.cz project and is now being used by most web services provided by Seznam.cz

JAK supports the following modern web browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3.5+ (and browsers using the same Gecko engine), Google Chrome, Safari 4+ and Opera 10+.